FYRE BYRD are fronted by vocalist/guitarist Josh aka “Samtré” and female drummer Daniella Breeze. Formed in only 2017, FYRE BYRD have already made serious ground with their fresh approach, blending classic songwriting with Josh’s distinctive vocal sound and wired modern guitar on top of Daniella’s animalistic, hard hitting drums which is so dynamic and incredible to watch live.

After being scooped up with a world wide recording deal by Golden Robot Records (GRR), their debut EP was recorded in Sydney, Australia with producer Steve Balbi. Their debut single “Take Me Out” peaked at number 9 on rock charts across US radio networks, and hit 10,000 streams on Spotify within the first month of it’s release. With the recent release of their second single “Anywhere I Am Is Home”, Fyre Byrd are gearing up for a tour up and down the East coast in the coming months and will have more music to soon take off on GRR.



“From the opening track, there was no doubt in our minds these rockers weren’t just here to play a set, they wanted to leave us gasping for air as they sucked it from our lungs! There were no nerves on stage as Fyre Byrd tore through their set, song after song bringing high energy, electrifying rock and roll for the generation of today.” – All Over Adelaide

“Fyre Byrd are fantastic. Daniella is an amazing drummer. A very full sound, and the songs have great hooks.” – Frank Stallone


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YouTube: Take Me Out – Official Video

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fyrebyrdmusic

Instagram: www.instagram.com/fyre.byrd


For contact, email fyrebyrdmusic@gmail.com.